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Cock Worshipping Choirgirl

November 17th, 2009
BDSM Sex - Cock Worshipping Choirgirl

Pretty blonde Charlee seemed as innocent as a choirgirl, but when a debauched master taps into her dark side, she is transformed into a cock-worshipping pain junkie. Within weeks, theres no dildo too big for her ruined cunt.
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BDSM Sex - Delicious cuffed slave gets a cruel spanking by her mistress

You don’t have too many options of where you want to go and what you want to do when your lady has you cuffed and restrained. That’s why this thrall is absolutely under her control, as she sets her up on this bench to be bent over towards her mistress. The BDSM video features a [...]

Vapid Teen is Trained to Obey

November 10th, 2009
BDSM Sex - Vapid Teen is Trained to Obey

Maxine was a boy-crazy bimbo until she was introduced to her master. But theres only one man for her after he trains her to submit to bondage and introduces her to his cunt-ruining devices.
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BDSM Sex - Submissive girl gets some crotch fondling and whipping

You can see the fright in the eyes of this hot Latina girl, as her body is fastened around her waist to a bench so she’s forced to be in the doggy position. For her mistress in these BDSM videos, that means that she’s in the best position to take a hard butt flogging, as [...]

BDSM Sex - Frigid Housewife Turned Into Nympho

Try as she might, Jasmyn just couldn’t make herself cum. Lucky for her that her new master knows exactly how frigid women need to be ruined by cunt-plunging and clit-rubbing toys.
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BDSM Sex - A slut makes no resistance when her lady scratches her butt

If there was any way to make certain a slave was submitting to her mistress, the wooden stocks will definitely do it! That’s why this brunette can’t do anything while her lady is standing over her, ready to deliver the BDSM torture to her apple shaped booty framed with black thigh high stockings. Running her [...]

BDSM Sex - Blonde Punished On A Spanking Horse

The aged master sure knows what he’s doing when he straps his sexy blonde slave to a spanking horse and punishes her consummate ass with no mercy. This busty whore did not behave and now her tender buttocks get spanked red and punished with a riding crop till this cutie screams of pain. This chick loves this [...]

Tiny Teen Forced to Her Knees

October 27th, 2009
BDSM Sex - Tiny Teen Forced to Her Knees

An hour ago Jasmyn was in the club, surrounded by adoring frat boys competing to get in her pants. Now the only ones around her are a brutal master and his cunt-lapping slave. No frat boy ever forced her to orgasm like this!
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BDSM Sex - A slave gets shackled and used in doggy by a mistress

To show that she has absolute control over her girl slave, this lady makes sure to always keep her on the floor so she can stand over her while she dishes out the punishment. You’ll see in these BDSM videos what she’s capable of, as she bends her over to cause the most damage on [...]

BDSM Sex - Daddy’s Girl Becomes Master’s Girl

This time last year Taylor was an obedient schoolgirl cherished by her rigid father. Now that she’s gone off to college, she needs to explore a new brand of discipline at the hands of a submission-obsessed master.
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